Don’t try to compare ITSM metrics.

It is a waste of time to try to compare typical ITSM metrics. All depends on the definitions and these can vary a lot. Here are a few examples where the same reality but different interpretation.

Number of incidents:

Case A: All user calls are logged as incidents. There are of 10.000 incidents per month.

Case B: Service requests and incidents are logged separately. There are 7.000 service requests and 3.000 incidents per month.

Case C: Some events are logged as incidents. Event management generates 10.000 incidents per month. There are 7.000 service requests and 13.000 incidents per month (or no service requests and 20.000 incidents).


Successful changes:

Company has 200 components which it decides to upgrade. The components are in 10 locations in racks of 20 components. It turns out that four new components fail and need to be replaced.

Case A: There are 200 changes with 98% success rate as each component is considered to be a separate change.

Case B: There are 10 changes with 60% success rate as each rack is considered to be a separate change and all failures occur in different racks.


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