ITSM from the Top Of the World

I will collect my articles in English here.

Me, Chris Dancy, Patrick Bolger, Barclay Rae & co

A few words about me, Aale Roos. I live and work in Helsinki, Finland. I have my own company, North Spar Ltd or Pohjoisviitta Oy in Finnish. You can find me on twitter as @aalem or mail me at aale.roos at

I have been working in ITSM 30 years. I set up my first help desk in mid 1980’s and have been looking for solutions for ITSM problems since. I have been ITIL trainer at all levels, I have created exam questions for EXIN and am now known as a vocal ITIL critic. My ”Unlearning ITIL” presentation created debate in London and Tallinn in 2012 and is a keynote in LeadIT Canberra conference in 2013.

The name Top Of the World (TOW) comes from the ITSMWP TOW podcast where I have been a member. ITSMWP means ITSM Weekly the Podcast, started by Chris Dancy. It was originally done only in USA but then our UK colleagues started their own and named it ROW, Rest Of the World.

The reason I set up this site is because Chris Dancy wrote about me:  Aale Roos is the smartest person I have met in ITSM.  Everyone else does a nice job at referencing books, soundbites and position, Aale actually THINKS about the question and problem. You can SEE thinkers think.  It’s rare, that’s why it’s so easy to spot.

This site is a place for my thoughts. It will not be a set of translated articles from the Finnish site, nor an active blog. You can decide yourself  am I proving Chris wrong 😉

Comments are welcome.


Yksi vastaus

  1. Dear mr Roos,

    Great to see you at Haaga-Helia in October 11th! I hope we will learn a lot and have fruitful discussions!

    I wonder why there are no wikipedia pages about IT4IT nor VeriSM…

    Best Regards,

    Kasper Valtakari

    PS: Jaoin tämän sivun juuri kurssimme keskustelussa – huom. vuosi 2013 on jo mennyttä aikamuotoa 🙂


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